Start-Up Update: Soniqplay KISS App

startup-update-logoMusic Industry Blog Start-Up Showcase winner Soniqplay this week announced the launch of a remix app in conjunction with EDM radio station KISS.   Soniqplay’s founder and CEO Martin Macmillan said “This is a big day for us as we roll out our first scale commercial launch of our new digital model.  We believe music fans want to be able to do more with the music they love and this experience turns the music experience from a passive to an active one.”

The app leverages Soniqplay’s stem-based remixing technology to give users the ability to create their own mixes of KISS playlist tracks.  Tracks are available for £1.99 and include individual song parts such as beats and vocals, and users can share their remixed creations on their social networks.


In August 2011 we wrote about the concept of Agile Music, whereby music moves turns into a continually evolving creative construct, with artists pulling fans directly into the creative process (you can download the report for free here).  At the time there wasn’t much in the way of technology enabling this sort of vision (with the notable exception of MXP4) but now there are a growing number of remix tools, including MixMeIn, Club Create and of course Soniqplay.  Remixing is of course just one way in which fans can contribute and create but it is a crucially important one.  The challenge for all of the remix apps is how to grow this market beyond EDM.  MixMeIn had some success with Taylor Swift, but mainstream remix opportunity remains to be tapped.  Soniqplay are well positioned to do so.

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