Google Trialing Music Playback in Search?

It appears that Google might be experimenting with some form of music playback in search results when using its Chrome browser.  In a number of incidents a song or lyrics has been searched for and after a short delay the responding audio file plays in the background.  When it does so there are no player controls visible nor any other indication that the music is playing, and stopping the music playing sometimes requires not just closing the browser window but exiting Chrome entirely.  This appears to be a very early and limited trial – if indeed that is what this is – as it only occurs on a handful of songs and generally cannot be replicated on the same song by different people nor on different devices.

It is an interesting concept but not without its problems, not least of which is that currently music plays regardless of whether audio is being created by other browser windows.  The rights situation will be interesting too, though one imagines that if this ever gets rolled out it will utilize 30/60 second previews rather than full tracks.

Search has always been the part of Google’s business that the music industry has most wanted Google to do something with, given that it is the most common starting point for illegal downloads. Whether this is what the labels had in mind is another matter….

7 thoughts on “Google Trialing Music Playback in Search?

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  3. Labels and RIAA are just bunch of wimps with no respect to someone’s else property that they happen to manage!

    They were killing Nupster for 5 years! In the meantime all ID guys like Shazam, Soundhound, Gracenote and all lyric ID guys, Google being the biggest one, rape the music industry for no particular purpose – the are the biggest catalyzes of piracy – 95% of their services converts to theft. Shazam with 300+ million users had revenue of 10 cents per user in 2012 and generated 5 million dollars loss!

    It is time to wake up and put best assets music ever had ( ID services and internet itself) to work for themselves and musicians not for pirates

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  5. With legality issues aside, it is interesting that this is the route Google tried to make music searching more dynamic. I feel as though this isn’t really a profitable idea, as searching and listening to music is so easy to do over a variety of platforms- youtube, spotify, etc. With regards to the Venture Harbour article, I think a greater amount of focus needs to be placed on the content generated when searching for songs, not on the ease of listening to a song as soon as you search for it. It is distracting and confusing for music to begin playing as soon as you search for it, especially if there are no controls to stop it. What if a user is searching for a song to find the lyrics, or recording information, not to listen to it? While it would be nice to have an easily accessible data base of music in google where you can search for the real versions of your songs to listen to or purchase, I think google needs to try and find a better, less intrusive way of providing the necessary content.

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