Meltdown: Recasting the Mold

meltdown1By now some of you will know that I am in the latter stages of writing a book that I hope will prove to be the definitive account of the digital music market, tracking its origins, the current state of play and a vision for the future.  I’ve spent the last few months interviewing many of the great and the good of the digital music market, from CEOs of labels and music services through to artists and developers.  I’ve heard some fascinating tales and quite a few surprising insights.

The book takes a look at the digital music market from the perspective of every key stakeholder: labels, artists, technology companies, investors, songwriters etc.

I decided to write the book for a number of reasons, not least because I have over my near 15 years in the space seen so many mistakes repeated again and again.  Now with the corner finally on the verge of being turned it feels like the right time to bring the lessons of history to bear.  The 2000’s were predominately period of meltdown for the recorded music industry, now we are in a period of recasting the mold, building a 21st century template for success.  A huge amount of work remains though, and many of the product and business models choices that need to be made are neither easy nor obvious. This book will propose a blueprint for the future, grounded in a deep understanding of how we got to where we are, and why.

If you feel that you have a particular story or insight that you would like to share, then please email me at mark AT midiaconsulting DOT COM with the following:

  • Who you are
  • A 2 or 3 sentence summary of what you would like to share.
  • Include the words ‘Meltdown Submission’ in the email header.

I cannot guarantee to use all submissions but I will reply to the ones that I think will add a new angle to the book and will email you directly for follow up.

Publishers – I haven’t started actively looking for a publisher yet, but if you think the book would complement your roster and believe you could add some unique value to bringing the book to market then please email at the email address listed above.

4 thoughts on “Meltdown: Recasting the Mold

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  2. Hi Mark, I work for the Popakademie, Germany’s leading music business university. I’d like to know, when the book is finished, as it might be a good read for our students. Can I sign up for a waiting list or so?
    Cheers, Ryan

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