Artist Interviews Wanted!

meltdown1As part of my forthcoming book on the digital music market I am looking at what it means to be an artist in the digital age.  The sorts of issues I’ll be looking at include:

  • Changes in artist income, and the mix of income sources
  • Debunking some of the ‘artists have never had it so good’ myths
  • The challenges of maintaining a career
  • The role of ‘DIY’ tools and services
  • How aspirations have evolved and attitudes to the roles labels play
  • The way in which relationships with fans have changed
  • How the creative process has changed

I’ve already been fortunate to interview some great artists for the book but I’m on the outlook for more!

If you are an artist and / or songwriter and would like to be interviewed for the book then please email me at mark AT midiaconsulting DOT COM

I won’t be able to interview everyone but I will reply everyone who emails me.

2 thoughts on “Artist Interviews Wanted!

  1. Magari ai panicles interessa farsi questa intervista….
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