The Future Music Forum

On September 18th I will be keynoting the Future Music Forum in Barcelona.  I will be featuring some new MIDiA Research data and analysis in a presentation about the future of digital growth.  I will focus on the importance of moving beyond the current binary choice between free and expensive and also look at the next frontiers for digital growth, such as emerging markets, in-car and in-home and engaging the mass market consumer.

I have been fortunate enough to speak at the FMF for a few years now and the event is growing into being a key date in the music conference calendar. The line up this year is their strongest yet, with speaking slots from the likes of Simon Wheeler (Beggars), Benji Rogers (Pledge), Scott Cohen (the Orchard) and Alex White (Next Big Sound).

Hope to see you there.

4 thoughts on “The Future Music Forum

  1. Mark, ,

    I’m really interested in attending and am looking for a hotel close by. I know it’s in a distillery (shouldn’t that be a brewery?!) but what’s the address – a small detail that I can’t seem to find on the site.

    Please get back to me and put me out of my (self-imposed?) misery.


    Bob Holder

  2. Hello Mark,
    I will attent the meeting from Turkey. I want to make some studies on music industry at Turkey so I want to talk about the details with you..Could you pls send me your availble time/day

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