MIDiA 2023 predictions webinar

So, 2023 is upon us. The last couple of years were notable for being dramatic, unlike those of the previous couple of decades. 2023 is likely to be even more stirring, with a looming recession, racing inflation, and geo-political upheaval. What this means for entertainment companies is that the coming year will be anything other than business as usual. While the uncertainty might be unnerving, disruption and change can also mean opportunity. What is more, there is a strong case to be made that home entertainment as a whole may be far better placed to weather the coming storm than other sectors of the economy.

To help plot a path through the coming year and beyond, MIDiA recently published the 2023 edition of its annual predictions report: ‘2023 MIDiA predictions: Pivot point’, which clients can read here. On Wednesday the 11th of January, we will be hosting a free to webinar in which analysts from the MIDiA team will walk through some of the key themes and predictions from this report, across music, games, video, audio, creator economy, social, culture and more. 

Join us to get the inside track on the dynamics and market trends that will shape digital entertainment in 2023. And if you need any extra incentive to join, we have got a pretty good track record with our predictions: we had an 88% success rate for our 2022 predictions.

You can register for free here. Hurry as places are limited and we have already had a sizeable number of signups!

We look forward to speaking to you next week.

5 thoughts on “MIDiA 2023 predictions webinar

  1. Karl – these were the predictions for 2022

    The year of the creator: 2021 was a big year for content creators, 2022 will be bigger still. From social video, through game streamers to independent artists, 2022 will be the year of the creator.

    Hybrid futures: Hybrid experiences that will prosper in 2022 (eg livestreams of IRL concerts) and those that complements actual behaviour (eg VR / AR)

    Reasons, not ways to spend attention: With such fierce demands on their time, audiences will need to be given reasons not ways to spend their attention.

    Asymmetry of competition: Competition will become more asymmetrical as propositions compete according to scale of ecosystem.

    Lean out / lean through: Consumers leaning through to create their own versions of content (e.g. TikTok Duets) and participate (e.g. Discord servers) will accelerate in 2022.

    NFT’s grow but meet inflated expectations: The inflated expectations of non fungible tokens (NFTs) will likely face a reality check in 2022. Expect the first half of the year to be shaped by yet more innovations. However, by the second half of the year reality could begin to bite.

    Metaverse edges towards primetime: 2022 will not be the year that the metaverse becomes a mainstream consumer proposition but it will be the year in which much of the infrastructure is built.

    Regulation catches up: Large scale tech companies have long remained one step ahead of regulation because the target keeps moving as they evolve their businesses too quickly for regulators to keep up. This will change.

  2. Dan – yes it will be online after the event and will live-streamed on YouTube and LinkedIn

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