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This is the page where you can see the videos of Mark Mulligan in conversation with CEOs of digital music companies.  Each conversation gives you a chance to learn more about the vision of the person behind the company and what they think about the burning digital music issues of the day.

Keeping checking back for new videos.

Mark Mulligan 03/11/11

In Conversation With Boinc’s Adam Kidron

In Conversation With Sonos’ John MacFarlane

6 thoughts on “In Conversation With…

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  2. Hi Mark, wanted to say thank you for your recent visit to Leeds Met and for answering my questions afterward. Could you please give me your email adress so I can ask you some quick questions regarding my dissertation? Thanks, Robin (

  3. It is very disheartening that today’s social media driven environment populated with young listeners who are completely ignorant of what musicianship and musical talent is, are destroying the platform for true musicians and songwriters. People who are posting garbage on social media, who don’t even know how to play an instrument, but have a certain look or following, are getting millions of views, being flagged by producers who base everything on views and followers and not talent,and are getting signed. My son has been a musical prodigy since age 5 on piano and guitar, mastered his instruments through years of training , awards and study and wrote and produced incredible songs, winning multiple song contests. He is a marvel, hired to perform at venues at the age of 11. He refused to give in to changing his persona and had faith that people would see true talent. Instead, he sees people who can only play four chords (terribly) , performing songs a pre-schooler could write, but look like clowns and have a following get millions of views and are noticed by spotify producers. This frustrated him so much that he has abandoned his musical genius and goals of pursuing a music career and instead is majoring in Biology. Social media and a listening public who know nothing about music is ruining true musicians and artists. Half to todays pop stars cant even play instruments. It’s a tragedy.

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