Announcing MIDiA’s New Research Practice: Paid Content

We are proud to announce the launch of MIDiA’s latest research practice: Paid Content. We’ve been working on this service for the past 9 months and it is headed up by our Paid Content analyst Zach Fuller.

The Paid Content service is the definitive source of analysis, data and research on the digital content marketplace, the trends that are shaping it, the technologies that are disrupting it and the companies and the consumers that are driving innovation.

It enables clients to get smart fast on the latest new technologies and start ups that are looking to change the marketplace. It shows them best practices in user acquisition, monetization and retention. Clients can benchmark themselves against competitors and against other industries, as well as getting the inside track on where tomorrow’s audiences are heading.

Some of the reports we have already published include:

  • Facebook The Media Company: If It Looks Like A Duck
  • How Consumers Adopt Technology: Why The S-Curve Rules
  • VR Vendor Landscape: Virtual Reality’s Path to Mainstream Entertainment
  • The Death of the Monthly Active User: Redefining User Metrics For The App Era
  • Paid Content Consumer Deep Dive: The Emergence Of A Sophisticated Audience
  • Instagram User Profile: Edging Towards Mainstream
  • SoundCloud User Profile: Male Dominated Music Sophisticates
  • Netflix User Profile: Mass Market Streaming Video Users

The topics we cover in the service include:

  • Full Stack media companies
  • Content strategy for virtual reality
  • Making digital audience measurement work
  • Media Consumption, cannibalization and wallet share
  • Freemium strategy and conversion
  • Blockchain and the payments landscape
  • How consumers adopt technology
  • Emerging market paid content trends and adoption
  • Paid content user profiles by individual app
  • How to utilize messenger app audiences

Who should subscribe?

Streaming media companies, mobile app companies, TV and online video companies, music companies, telcos, consumer electronics companies, investors

If you’d like to learn more about how to get access to Paid Content email us at

Music Doing Well or the Rest Doing Poorly? recently picked up Jupiter’s European Activity and Paid Content Forecasts report and I’ve had a lot of feedback since.  Most of the comment has been based on the perception that Jupiter was very bullish in its assessment of the online music market.  

It’s understandable why this perception has arisen as one of the key findings of the report is that music is, and will continue to be, the largest single paid content sector and the driving force of the broader European paid content market.  But the fact is Jupiter’s premium online music forecasts are actually pretty cautious.  The dominance of music revenues speaks as much to the relative weakness of other paid content sectors as it does to any strength of premium digital music.


The key headline is that paid content has failed to evolve into a viable mass market proposition for most content sectors.  Free is what dominates and that’s why Jupiter built activity forecasts rather than just paid revenue forecasts, so that clients can identify the real scale opportunity.


Click here for more about Forrester’s services (Jupiter is now a Forrester company).