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This is the blog of Mark Mulligan a media and technology analyst of more than 15 years’ standing and one of the leading voices in music industry analysis.  Mark’s been analyzing the digital music market for over a decade, right from the days when there wasn’t much of one to talk of.  On this blog you will find opinion and insight on the music industry’s often painful journey towards creating a new business around music.

Mark endeavours to strike a balanced approach that is sensitive to the needs and concerns of the music labels but equally understands the realities of consumer behaviour and the business needs of technology companies and telcos.  But this blog is a conversation, not a soap box (well ok it’s a bit of one) but nonetheless your feedback is not just welcome, it’s essential. So please leave comments.


About Mark

For 11 years Mark was a Vice President and Research Director at Jupiter Research (later acquired by Forrester Research). He is now the founder of MIDiA Research, a research, data and analysis service focused on the intersection of media and technology.  Mark works with all of the big companies across the music industry’s various value chains such as record labels, streaming services and telcos, as well as many small companies and start ups.  Mark is also the author of the book ‘Awakening: The Music Industry In the Digital Age’.

Mark Mulligan, analystMark is routinely quoted and interviewed by top tier media (TV, radio, print and online) and speaks at leading music events such as Midem, SXSW, Eurosonic and Canadian Musc Week.

In addition to following the music industry professionally, Mark lives and breathes music. He is a classically trained musician and is in the third generation of guitar players in his family (currently working on gently prodding his children to becoming the fourth) and his grandparents and father have all been music teachers and have all played in bands.  Mark also has a small, fully digital, recording studio which he uses to make lots of not so subtle bleeps, beats and squeeks.  ‘Back in the day’ he had a three single record deal and had his music played on BBC Radio 1.

Midia Logo in Circle with strapline

To contact me please email mark AT midiaresearch DOT COM

Here are some of my recent press quotes (for more click here)

These are videos of some of my conference keynotes and interviews:

100 thoughts on “About This Blog

  1. Just made a profile and yours is the first blog i visited. The sudden realization is that there’s no contact email. Had to go back to mine to reinforce that discovery:) Hopefully you will find a hunger strike for music an industry interest – http://wickedmike.wordpress.com. Ta.

  2. Mark …

    You’ve posted nothing new since March 20th. Have you retired?


  3. So, should I blog on wordpress instead of what I had been doing? Who is the audience?

  4. Hey Mark,

    Do you have an email address I can use to get in touch with you? I was looking around the site and couldn’t seem to find anything.


  5. Mark … Love your blog, but note that you haven’t posted anything new since 5/19 … have you decided to hang ’em up?


  6. How can I be in direct touch with you? I’d like to discuss our free new music download site, which showcases rising and aspiring artists, bands and indie labels.

    It’s a direct distro solution that you may want to examine for your blog, and for Forrester.

  7. Dear Mark,

    I really enjoy your blog. I am writing to inform you of a powerful music website that I have recently launched called Your Digital Record. http://www.ydrecord.com.

    • Produce interactive digital albums by uploading tracks, liner notes, artwork, pictures, videos and other media in an easy to use online “studio.”
    • Share digital albums through embedded code, links and email as a widget.
    • Link users to whatever digital/physical music store an artist or label chooses for purchase (our site does not sell music directly).
    • Accept donations from fans directly via PayPal.
    • Connect with fans and receive reviews.
    • Keep the integrity of the album alive.

    After almost 2 years in development we launched about a month ago and have had great response. Artists are joining and using the site to its full potential – this has been wonderful to see. Currently, we are searching for a partnership that can guide Your Digital Record to see its full potential. iTunes’ work with iTunes LP and “Cocktail” is very similar to our idea, but we expect that there will need to be a place for all artists to curate their own complete digital albums, not just those that are selected by iTunes or have the money to dish out.

    To read more, here are a couple recent articles about the site. I would love it if you would mention us on your site. Its an exciting time and I think artists will be looking for a tool such as ours.

    Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.



    Chris O’Connell
    :: Your Digital Record
    :: http://www.ydrecord.com
    :: chrs@ydrecord.com

  8. Mark,

    We’re looking to get reviews of our new publication, “The Japanese Music Industry Bible.” Any interest in helping us out?


  9. Hey Mark

    I had received your name from John Andrews, who used to be CEO of Forrester a few years ago. I am in the venture business, but now dedicating my time to a new ‘social-retailing’ concept around music – that is unique. Indeed, would like to vet some of our developments – also, saw your 21st century music matrix – ironically it dovetails into exactly what we are calling Peachtunes – I dont see many posts here so I hope that you catch this, yet dont feel comfortable articulating too much about Peachfuzz on this open mic forum. please drop me an email at the above and we can communicate, thanks.

  10. Hi Mark, Hope you’re well? Would like to get in touch with you properly to discuss a forthcoming event we’re planning and would like to invite you take part with some analysis…July 14th, central London. It’s on the Wadsworth report that we produced recently (and indeed I believe you purchased-thanks!)

    Am aware you’ve now left Forrester so no proper contact info for you anymore!




  11. Just wondering if you had any insight on the best way for producers to connect with artists online?

    Serious artists, lol. Any info would help. If anyone has any advice my email is


  12. Hi Mark,

    Its been a while – I hope you are well?

    Just wondering if I can repost your iCloud post on http://www.themusicvoid.com – obviously will attribute to you and your blog along with a link back etc…

    Essentially it is the most well considered post I’ve come across on the iCloud launch so far.


  13. Hi Jakomi – yes that’s absolutely fine. I’ve lost yoru email address. Could you pls send it through to me.

  14. Hi Mark
    Am writing a piece for the Guardian on music subscription sites. Are you able to give me a call today? 020 3353 2000 and ask for me, or email me your contact details.
    Juliette Garside

  15. Hi Mark

    Now that I’ve caught you in an excellent state of mind in the sun on your patio, would you be interested in writing something about my unusual acoustic blues album – recorded on a 30 foot boat in Almería?!! Also, using YouTube and starting to use social networking to kick off my promotions in anger.

    If you’re interested, please check out my 13-part ‘making of the album’ YouTube series and featuring (in Episode eight) the legendary Django Reinhardt. Full details plus my new album on http://www.jamesryan.com

    Fully understand if this is not your territory, but thanks for reading anyway.


  16. Hi Mark,

    Are you familiar with Dina LaPolt? She’s an entertainment attorney and educator in Los Angeles. She speaks at conferences like SXSW and MIDEM, teaches a music business class at UCLA, and has edited a new book about artist branding.

    I think that she would be an interesting interview for your blog. Her legal insight into surviving in the new music industry is very interesting. There is more information at the link below.


    Please let me know if this would be of interest you.

    Thank you.

  17. Great website! You should definitely check out “In the Key of Success: The Five Week Jump-Start Strategy”. This E-course was recently published by Cheryl B. Engelhardt, a musician and composer who has performed across the US and Europe, written music for commercials and film/TV, and has spoken at many colleges and music conferences about building a career as an independent musician. Visit her website — http://www.cbemusic.com/ecourse/ — to download a personal copy. It will help you figure out your goals as a musician and, more importantly, it will show you how to achieve the results you want. Her advice is extremely effective and the E-course is an amazing value!

  18. Hello,

    I’m releasing my EP called ‘Fire On The Lake’ on the 5th of March. I’m
    trying to promote the myself before the release, it would be great if
    you could find a space to feature me. I’ve included links to the track
    that’ll be on the EP.
    This is me:





    At the age of 19, Calvin Roche moved down Derbyshire to London to
    pursue a career in music. Now, aged 21, he is writing his own material
    which is a unique blend of soul/pop that is a fantastic platform for
    his unforgettable voice.

    Since living in London Calvin and his band have done a string of
    impressive gigs, which has included playing at the Garage and the O2
    Arena, as well as a string of regular acoustic gigs a Proud Galleries.
    All of which is helping to build a supportive fan base.

    Calvin and his band are now pushing the new songs of the EP to be
    released on March the 5th. They will be holding a showcase for the
    release of the EP, whilst shooting a video for the single.

    Influences of Calvin and the band are John Mayer, Rufus Wainwright, D,
    Angelo, Dave Matthews and Coldplay. The band consists of a variety of
    musician who all have different musical backgrounds.

    (Official webpage is coming soon)


  19. Hi Mark,

    I am covering the Music Industry for Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung from Germany. How can I get in touch with you on the phone?

    Kind regards
    Marcus Theurer

  20. From the BBC website:

    Independent analyst Mark Mulligan: “The Pirate Bay may have outlived its piracy lifespan but is a small task to mirror the site or to copy the indices. Even if The Pirate Bay is closed down people will just have to type ‘torrent’ into Google to find page after page of links,” said Mr Mulligan.

    I just typed ‘Mark Mulligan’s analysis is f**king weak’ into Google and got page after page of links!
    I wonder if Google produces pages of results for other, er, words?

  21. now here’s the strange thing….type that in and you don’t even get one result….just sayin’

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  29. Mark, are you aware of Syco Musics secret weapon for X Factor USA in 2013, a young singer / song writer by the name of Daniel Hardy ( Dan Lee Hardy ). I saw his music clip and was absolutely blown away. I think Australia is in the making of an international star! How could I find more info on this dude?

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  31. Just discovered your music industry blog…really enjoying it, very thought provoking and insightful. I’m very interested in promotion for bands and artists and how that landscape is changing and is likely to change in the future, so would welcome any articles on that…Thanks again! Rob.

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  42. I love your blog! Just came across it today and it’s very insightful, I hope to one day work in the music industry myself!

  43. Great beat ! I would like to apprentice while you amend your site, how could i subscribe
    for a blog web site? The account aided me a acceptable deal.
    I had been a little bit acquainted of this your broadcast providewd bright clear

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  45. The solutions to the revenue growth for artists is really quite simple and I’m baffled that no one else sees it (or chooses not to?). The greatest asset available to artists is not being leveraged as it should be, and based on the projected trends of the industry’s transformation, music as a business will be better for labels and the top 10% of musicians, and for the rest, being a rockstar will always be but a dream. This is true especially since data clearly shows that the highest revenues being generated are from subscriptions/advertising, and not music sales for several platforms that are popluar, such as Pandora and Spotify.

    We’ve built a society where the most creative minds are not being empowered to foster, yet we say that its consumer behavior that is the force driving the market. In truly understanding the root of the issues, consumers do NOT know what they want until its given to them. They’ve never known. Once another entrepreneur comes up and the new way to consume for free, everyone will flock to that too!

    Entrepreneurs have been content to canibalize their own business just to draw new consumers to their products and the people who ultimately end up crushed are musicians.

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  49. Hi Mark, I was wondering if you could send me your email address? Very interested in your blog.

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  53. Q.SIC has the interactive music solutions for your business, shop, pubs and professionally- curated in store musical playlists.

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  62. Hey Mark,

    I am new to your work but I look forward to getting stuck into your posts and videos.

  63. Well, the article is actually the sweetest on this notable topic. I harmonise with your conclusions and will certainly thirstily look forward to your next updates. Saying thanks can not simply just be sufficient, for the extraordinary lucidity in your writing. I will directly grab your rss feed to stay abreast of any kind of updates. Solid work and much success in your business efforts!

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  65. Music streaming has undoubtedly become tremendously popular and is lauded for being the best way to listen to music. Streaming services are turning out to be beneficial and entertaining for both artists and listeners by reducing piracy and bringing out fresh music every day.

  66. As we know, Spotify is the #1 digital music service provider that has more than 50M tracks, and over 1B user-created playlist. Romantic, Sad, Rock, and motivation

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