Start-Up Update

This is the section of Music Industry Blog where we keep you up to date with the latest news and developments from early stage music start-ups.  If you are a music start-up and would like to be featured in the Start-Up Update please email musicindustryblog AT gmail DOT COM and include the works “Start-Up Update” in your email header.

The Start-Up Update is brought to you in association with the media innovation consultancy Midia, Media Insights and Decisions in Action.

4 thoughts on “Start-Up Update

  1. Would you be interested in breaking the story on a new tool available for the songwriter community? Create / join workshops online, complete with a dedicated (!) forum, blog, photo and video library, file server, wiki pages and a dedicated chat.

  2. This blog is right up my street! It fits my own views about giving new talent a multi media presence on the web. Artists need good engaging content to win fans and generate revenue. Love all the good ideas on this blog l will be reading lots from here. I want to be part of tye exciting future of digital multi media music making! Cheers Simon.

  3. Hi there!
    Great blog! Your news is so in depth and I thank you so much! You continually assist my with my own music ventures!
    I’m currently running a blog which gives free unused lyrics for people to claim and use. I attract around 700-1000 views per day. I was hoping I could conduct an interview with you, and vice versa? It could assist both our blogs greatly. I understand if your too busy, but if you’re open to it, please contact me at: dansmusic9(at)gmail(dot)com

  4. VENUS World Wide Entertainment has released Mooseekah’s solo Album “UD Chala” recorded at Digital Daddy in Lucknow. Congrats Digital Daddy !!

    Digital Daddy managed to create a unique space in India’s growing Independent music industry being the only live act that blends Rock, Fusion, Folk and Electronic a.

    Our performance so far have received an overwhelming response from leading music publication in the country, friends, parents and our loved ones … Thank you for making it a great success

    Album “Ud Chala,” shares an emotional thread – love, trust, commitments to parent and communication between friends and lovers. The songs culminated in “Ud Chala,” is a diverse collection of modern rock exploration.

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