10 thoughts on “Majors Get The Tracks But Not The Longevity On Today’s Top Hits

  1. You didn’t account for genre-specific metrics in here… a playlist, generally, has a specific lane it operates in, with TTH falling in line with Top40 generally. That should be your denominator, not the overall music industry. If Indies are more likely to produce in the Alt or Electronic lane, one wouldn’t expect them to have a share in TTH commiserate with their share of the music industry… you’d expect their share to be lower if their distributed Top40 lane music is a smaller proportion than average.

  2. Can you talk through your thought process where you wrote “… higher share of revenue which will then be used to justify a higher share of tracks…” Not quite following how share of revenue contributes to a higher share of tracks. Thanks.

  3. Dan – the logic here is that the number of tracks in the biggest playlists on Spotify should be expected to have some degree of correlation with market share. Both from an ‘access’ perspective but also in term of general market dynamics. For the major labels we’d expect a degree of correlation between share share of charts / top playlists and share of revenue (which is ultimately derived from share of hits, new and old). But the access point is arguably the most important. It is crucial that Spotify and other playlists are seen to be, on a long term average basis, providing equality of access to its top playlists. Market share is a key determinant of this. of course music should be there on merit first and foremost but the label share stats here indicate that there is more at play than that.

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  7. Interesting information! Major labels have so much influence behind them, and operate on the idea that its from Universal, or any other major label, it must be good. Is no wonder the tracks shoot to the top of the charts, but its true they never really last. Good music with substance takes time to be recognised, but when it finally is, it lasts. Thanks for sharing these insights!

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